Friday, January 21, 2011

What the?

okay, I don't know why, but mama punya mood swings is like, shit! If she's like not in a good mood, then she would be like super marah marah at us, eh, woman, WHAT THE FUCK SEH!? Anyway, today, I realize something, how many lies I overheard this two weeks time. Example 1, abah promise so many things at us, that he would buy many things for us, like for me, I want something that they don't have in Singapore, like the streets stuff. Example 2, mama and abah said that they would 'pikir-pikirkan' about my motor license, they never mention about it when they got back, you know what? 'EH, ORANG BINGIT LA EVERYTIME KORANG BUAT MACAM TU, APA SEH BERBUAL MACAM SIAL, ORANG BINGIT SETIAP MASA KORANG CAKAP MACAM MACAM, MULUT LANCANG MACAM KIMAK'
Sorry, I had my emo moment just now. Seriously, I've been super tension nowadays. I had no idea why *you guys know why, my freaking parents*. Its been super tension for me this week, so many lies, and so many hopes and dream shattered by this thing called parents.

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