Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bed, Bath and Beyond!

Okay guys, this morning as I was watching twist the throttle, that feature's the kawasaki's ninja, I smell a freaking nice and soft scent, I quickly followed the scent and without me realizing, im entering my mom's bedroom, then there it was, a plastic bag of bed, bath and beyond, and inside the bag, is the most awesome's things you can imagine! How lucky the US people are! Anyway, today, Im gonna make sure that I register to that tuition place, and I wanna talk to my parents about me getting a license, its about time for me to get use to the road! Right? Anyway, Im still pissed off at em, about the you know what. Hey, you guys need to know something, my brother is getting married next month, oh, wait, let me correct my self there, their 'majlis' is next month, so I hope it's gonna be a blast! Cause so freaking many people are coming here, even the sarawak people are flying here, I hope thing's are going great! Hm, time goes by to quick, Namazie has already passed away for one week, its to fast, why is time is going this quick? Oh namazie, only god know how much I miss you, and how much life is different without you.

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