Monday, January 31, 2011


today, is a heck of a busy daaay. First, my tuition class is starting todaay, and secondly, bonjoza is coming today, so I need to discuss with them where exactly to put their equipment and the music instrument :)
of course I hate being busy.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Counting Days.

sooner or later, I must accept the fact that abangnip are married, he's gonna have his own kids, he's gonna have a family on his own, and without knowing it, he's slowly going apart from this family. Of course I wanna go back in time, when we're used to be so happy, I mean, the 6 of us, when me and my siblings are still small, and running around, having fun with abah and mama. And all the goodnight kisses from abah and mama, when sometimes, abah put on the vcd of us when we we're kids, its preety funny looking back at us, kakak shasha with her 'mic' on her hand and singing a song from 'ziana zain', and abangnip with a fork eating all day long, and me, looking at the camcoder, and keep repeating the word, abah, abah, abah, and all along the recording, I would just stare at him in wonder, what is he doing? It's amazing how fast time has passed since all that happen. If only I could rewind all that, I would appreciate and use my life with full of happiness and enjoy my life again as a kid :')

Saturday, January 29, 2011


he's the root of any good music! he's the most versatile indie artist i've ever met! He is so freaking talented, cause he sing's and do disc jockey ing at the same time! 

Why oh why?

why oh why I kept thinking of her this couple of days, remember the girl that I wanna propose to last time? Well, the thing is, this couple of days, I've been thinking that I wanna propose to her again and again, it's not that because i'm like a weirdo that is obsessed with her, just that, everytime I think of her, everytime I smell her scent, everytime thought of her crosses my mind, I would be in cloud nine. My mind is telling me that, eventhough I dint propose to her yet, I still need to tell her somehow I love her and all I want to is being there for her. I don't know what should I do now, if only I had the guts to kneel down, and finish it done.

Friday, January 28, 2011


one more week, than the house would be filled with stranger and weirdo's. Haha! No, abang nip punya wedding is like in one week time, and so many relatives are coming, and even stranger, I hope my friends can make it, oh! It's almost like a miracle yesterday! Bonjoza is maybe coming to town! Hell yeah! Its like i'm dreaming, cause only recently I've spoken about it, and it almost like god was listening! :)

Ohh! after chinese new year holiday, teacher azrinda order us to make a presentation! And in my group were syafiq,fikri and saswa! and guess what my group presentation would be like? Just look on the image below, and think!

yep, POLICE SHOOTOUT! Hell yeah we're using guns and grenade, and a shooting scene, and a hostage scene, imagine, just the 4 of us are gonna do all this, god help us all!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


seriously, today is the most tiring day in this year so far, because of the silat practice I had just now, seriously my body is in pain, just imagine, for 2 months I dint go to silat classes because of the holiday, now, ITS PAIN ALL THE WAY!
But, last year was probably the most fun I had, because we travel to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to join the giant meeting and demonstration, their aim is to gather 10,000 silat cekak members! 

If you think this picture is awesome, being there is much more awesome, just imagine, 10000 people was there and they were doing the 'gerak hanafi' together, it was a one in a lifetime experience! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Now guys, I've been wanting to tell you this since the 1st day I made this blog, and its about.. ' malam ini kasih, teringat aku padamu! '. Yeah, the song, sung by one of the most talented people i've ever seen! The band is called bonjoza! Okay, let me tell you how did I met em, that day, we were at setia tropica in Johor malaysia, so, we were eating at this malay restaurant, eating 'nasi ayam' and stuff with aunty norin and the rest of the crew that is her daughter's. Anyway, we talk and talk and talk, until about 10pm, then, we we're like saying goodbye and stuff, and suddenly, we overheard a music, came from a cafe next to the one we were eating just now! So, abah said, 'hey guys, wanna get a cup of coffee?' So we stayed there for like 2 hours enjoying their wonderful tunes! You guys can check em out at youtube and stuff. Anyway, the song 'kasih' actually became my trademark for them, cause everytime I heard the word kasih, or overheard the song, the first thing on my mind, is bonjoza :)

                            This is really them! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Keep trying.

well, its been awhile since i've spoken about my love life to anyone, come to think of it, i've been so busy this few months, that I never get the chances to meet new people, fall in love, and couple with em. Its not like last time, you easily get gf from myspace and stuff, I mean, I dont want anymore internet lover, I just wanna meet someone, and look her on the eyes, and knew, she's gotta be mine, and I will never stop trying till I get her. Im gonna be honest with you, i've known this one particular girl, and seriously, she was 'it'. I mean, everytime I feel sad, or grief, I just look at her, and the pain is flush away. Everytime, I look into her eyes, my heart just melt like a creamy butter. Oh god, believe me I was in love, I was ready to get to the next level, I was super ready to propose to her, until, one day.. Okay, before that, there are things that is better to be kept as a secret, so Im gonna skip the detail, well, let just say, I found out something, that, if I broke it, Im gonna break the brocode, and as a bro, I will never do that! If you guys really really wanna know the detail, just ask me, privately. So, after that particular incident, I was freaking heartbroken, I mean like super heartbroken. I was disorientated, and I can't think straight, this was the girl of my dream, and just like that, I have to let her go? God, why is this thing so messed up? After a while, I just face the music, and accept the fact that, i'll just have to search for another one just like her, which is impossible. But i have to keep trying, and trying and trying. 
Now, I hope you guys please be mature, and don't ask stupid question to me, and please, if you wanna ask me about this post, just make sure its a hell of a good question.


for those out there who don't know me, all I want to be is a police. To me, being a police is my ultimate goal in life, that is my ambition, and since I was a kid, all I ever wanted is solving out cases, and catching the bad guy. I know, people always looks down on the police, especially the malaysian police, their always known for their love of 'bribe', or RASUAH. Seriously, to me, not ALL cops are bad, I mean, not all the police like to RASUAH, I mean, usually its the low rank officer that do the dirty job, like the constable and the same level, rarely the 'officer' that do that kind of bad things. As you all know, my house was rob last month, and during that accident, my area police are all, so fucking slow, and their freaking afraid of the robbers, their so clumsy and unreliable. I can't believe how poorly the malaysian police are. So, my conclusion is, I wanna be a police, because I wanna change the perspective of the society about the police. I wanna make people say stuff like, 'wow, look at that guy, he's a police officer, and his GOOD'' :) 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Well, here's go nothing.

2 words, 'fucked up', why? Well, mama is like, 'its okay for you to get a motor license', while abah said, 'its dangerous and i dont like it'. Okay, abah, im not a child anymore, I know how dangerous the road can be, and please, I know the risk, and Im willing to take it! For god sake! I've been searching in and I found someone is selling a naza gtr in Johor Bahru, the bike is in good condition, and its been modified to perfection! I can't miss this opportunity! I must get that bike quick! Beside, I just need my 'L' license, then its enough for me! PLEASE, abah! 



Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 more weeks

In two weeks time, many things will be happening here, firstly of course my brother wedding reception, secondly many people would be here in my house, thirdly, the one person i've been waiting for so long, is back in town :)
Who? Its better for you to guess, that person is, the girl with the multiple colour bangle, okay, I guess you're thinking, why am I obsessed with her? Im not! You jackass, why the fuck you think like that? It's just that, like I said last time, I kinda miss her, I said 'kinda'!  -_-'
hey, its only the afternoon, Im gonna update tonight, so many new things would be post, cherrio!

Friday, January 21, 2011

What the?

okay, I don't know why, but mama punya mood swings is like, shit! If she's like not in a good mood, then she would be like super marah marah at us, eh, woman, WHAT THE FUCK SEH!? Anyway, today, I realize something, how many lies I overheard this two weeks time. Example 1, abah promise so many things at us, that he would buy many things for us, like for me, I want something that they don't have in Singapore, like the streets stuff. Example 2, mama and abah said that they would 'pikir-pikirkan' about my motor license, they never mention about it when they got back, you know what? 'EH, ORANG BINGIT LA EVERYTIME KORANG BUAT MACAM TU, APA SEH BERBUAL MACAM SIAL, ORANG BINGIT SETIAP MASA KORANG CAKAP MACAM MACAM, MULUT LANCANG MACAM KIMAK'
Sorry, I had my emo moment just now. Seriously, I've been super tension nowadays. I had no idea why *you guys know why, my freaking parents*. Its been super tension for me this week, so many lies, and so many hopes and dream shattered by this thing called parents.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bed, Bath and Beyond!

Okay guys, this morning as I was watching twist the throttle, that feature's the kawasaki's ninja, I smell a freaking nice and soft scent, I quickly followed the scent and without me realizing, im entering my mom's bedroom, then there it was, a plastic bag of bed, bath and beyond, and inside the bag, is the most awesome's things you can imagine! How lucky the US people are! Anyway, today, Im gonna make sure that I register to that tuition place, and I wanna talk to my parents about me getting a license, its about time for me to get use to the road! Right? Anyway, Im still pissed off at em, about the you know what. Hey, you guys need to know something, my brother is getting married next month, oh, wait, let me correct my self there, their 'majlis' is next month, so I hope it's gonna be a blast! Cause so freaking many people are coming here, even the sarawak people are flying here, I hope thing's are going great! Hm, time goes by to quick, Namazie has already passed away for one week, its to fast, why is time is going this quick? Oh namazie, only god know how much I miss you, and how much life is different without you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Okay guys, the thing is, my last post shows how happy I was because my parents are back, and let me tell you something, Im freaking not satisfied with the things their bought in the US, all they gave me were a hardrock bangle that looks so cheap, and a tshirts that were lamer than ever. WHAT THE FUCK? I dint know that US has nothing for teenagers that tourist like them cant buy? They only care about them self's and not us, my hope was to high, I even took the effort of cleaning the house with 110 percent efficiency so that I would pleased them and I would be happy with my new things and stuff. Seriously anyone would be unsatisfied like me right? Fuck it, next time, there won't be any more cleaning the house like this one. Anyway guys, Im thinking of getting a motor license, because all I want right now is a freaking scooter or anything that can move without me peddling *for all those stupid people out there, Im talking about a bicycle jackass!* And, Im thinking of joining a tuition center call DK, I have no idea its a acronym for what, just maybe its gonna be awesome, because Syafiq, sabehaa and khateejah would be there is cool enough, *I dont think im gonna learn anything -.-* Okay guys, what's on my mind? NAZA GTR :D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Godiva :D

okay, let me talk about what happen yesterday, abah and mama just got back from the US, so it means I dont have to clean up the house and do laundry anymore, yeay! But, I'll surely miss atok, cause he's been taking fucking good care of me and adik, eventhough he din't cook and stuff, it was fun having him around, and over the week, he told me so many world war two experience with me, and surely, he had seen so many things during his life. Including, the japanese occupation of malaya, and how nice the japanese army were to malays, and how much tension when the communist terrorized malaya, god, he seen so many things in life, 

its awesome having him around! Oh atok, I'm gonna miss you :D Okay, now let's talk about what saswa mention to me, at accounting class today, he said, 'haziq, in life, before you want to be married with somebody, you must have three things with you, that is, a car, a house, and a lot of cash to support somebody'. Trust me, that single sentences, make's me think like a bitch. Let's continue, so abah and mama is back, they bring a whole lot of godiva chocolate which is ridiculously expensive in singapore, and malaysia. Well, let's just say, I ate a whole lot of em' just now ;) Cherrio! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

When In Rome :O

Yesterday, I watch 'When In Rome', and suddenly, in a blink of an eye, that person just came flashing down in my mind, and like a flashback, I remember everything about that person, as in, I remember all the text, all the crazy stunts I do, like going to that person house, and throw 'stuff' at the gate and run like a bitch. Yeah, good times, good memories, but with this particular person, there's always something wrong, we often fight, but we rarely text. Haih, come to think of it, usually when I text this person, I would be so energetic, and my msg would be super long and stuff, I mean, Im happy to text that person and stuff, but that person would always just reply me with one or two words. Great. Yeah. *sarcastic*

Like the girl with the yellow umbrella in 'how i met your mother', well, who is this person with the multiple of colour bangle? Who is this? Is it a he or a she?
I want you guys to think, and if this person is reading this, please don't be mad, this blog was created to express my feeling, not to making people look bad. Eventhough you rarely text me, or you rarely here, I miss you though ;) 

Indonesia :)

okay guys, 
let me talk about indonesia, and its not about what. It's about who? :)
And let me tell you earlier, its a 'she', not a 'he'. She is one of a kind, she is special, and she is awesome. What's her name? Oh, let just, call her, V :)
It all started in 5th of november 2010, we started chatting, and from chatting we started texting, even though it cost 20cent per sms, its all worth it, and her 1st msg to me was, 'booo :p', how can I remember that? Cause I still simpan that particular msg, cause to me, that single text, meant everything to me ;)
And that text, is the beginning of an super long distance friend yeah! :)
 If only she's single, no biggie, we're closed friends, she's got a freaking boyfriend okay! We're not in love or anything, we're just 'buddies' :)
not to worry, as long as she's happy, I'm happy ;)

                                    that's right, its you ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011



namazie, I'm sorry, I dint get the chance to see your body, I cant sleep yesterday, Im haunted by the fact that god take your life so early.

 namazie, I've known you since primary one, we've been friends for more than 10 years, I still remember everything about you in primary 6, all the laugh we had, all the fun we had, all the tears we had.

 namazie, the last time we chat, was the day before you laid rest, I promise you, that i'll come by and see you because of the accident you had. Im sorry I dint keep my promise, if I knew this was going to happen, things will be different.
 namazie, I cry today at school, because I knew, there was no hope for me to see you before they buried you in the cemetery, its a different feeling when you're not around.
  namazie, I can't believe you ain't here, its like I feel empty without you being here. I would do anything to bring you back.
 namazie, I cant wait till that day, when I see you're face again, I'll promise you, I'll pray for you everyday, for the rest of my life.


 al-fatihah :'(

friday, 14th january. 1.13pm

Why did I start using this?

 Now, the thing is, I started blogging is because I sick of writing everything in my diary, and, I wanna express my feelings more, technology-ish. 
 Okay, let me start my blog, with a feeling of, sadness, shock, disbelief, and guilty, why? Because three days ago, I lost a friend, I've known him for more than 9 years, his name is Namazie.
 At first, I dont wanna cry, because, you know every man got their own ego. But, after a while, that feeling of sadness, came to me, and almost instantly, I cry at the middle of the bm lesson in class, suddenly I remembered everything about him, every happy moment with him, every sad moment with him. One day, before he left, I promise him, I would meet him, and look at his condition because of the accident he had. I never got the chance to see him, he died the next day. 
 Namazie, I promise you, I would never forget you, and let me say this, you're my true friends, even though you had so many problems this few years, dont worry, cause I'll always be there for you. And now that you're gone, I promise you, I would pray for you every single day for the rest of my life, rest in peace namazie :'(