Monday, January 24, 2011


for those out there who don't know me, all I want to be is a police. To me, being a police is my ultimate goal in life, that is my ambition, and since I was a kid, all I ever wanted is solving out cases, and catching the bad guy. I know, people always looks down on the police, especially the malaysian police, their always known for their love of 'bribe', or RASUAH. Seriously, to me, not ALL cops are bad, I mean, not all the police like to RASUAH, I mean, usually its the low rank officer that do the dirty job, like the constable and the same level, rarely the 'officer' that do that kind of bad things. As you all know, my house was rob last month, and during that accident, my area police are all, so fucking slow, and their freaking afraid of the robbers, their so clumsy and unreliable. I can't believe how poorly the malaysian police are. So, my conclusion is, I wanna be a police, because I wanna change the perspective of the society about the police. I wanna make people say stuff like, 'wow, look at that guy, he's a police officer, and his GOOD'' :) 

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