Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Okay guys, the thing is, my last post shows how happy I was because my parents are back, and let me tell you something, Im freaking not satisfied with the things their bought in the US, all they gave me were a hardrock bangle that looks so cheap, and a tshirts that were lamer than ever. WHAT THE FUCK? I dint know that US has nothing for teenagers that tourist like them cant buy? They only care about them self's and not us, my hope was to high, I even took the effort of cleaning the house with 110 percent efficiency so that I would pleased them and I would be happy with my new things and stuff. Seriously anyone would be unsatisfied like me right? Fuck it, next time, there won't be any more cleaning the house like this one. Anyway guys, Im thinking of getting a motor license, because all I want right now is a freaking scooter or anything that can move without me peddling *for all those stupid people out there, Im talking about a bicycle jackass!* And, Im thinking of joining a tuition center call DK, I have no idea its a acronym for what, just maybe its gonna be awesome, because Syafiq, sabehaa and khateejah would be there is cool enough, *I dont think im gonna learn anything -.-* Okay guys, what's on my mind? NAZA GTR :D

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