Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mr. Ang

There was once a great man, who teaches math in a local school in Subang. This guy, who everyone fears if his silver colour toyota unser drive by, because we love to play basketball near the carpark area without permission, so he'll honk three times indicating he's there! When he teaches, you better do your work and shut the hell up. Cause he will just look straight at your face if you talk in his class. I once scold by him, cause he caught me copying the answer at the back of the text book, which I really did. Mr Ang was the head discipline teacher that time. So everyone was scared of him, but if you really know him, I mean, if he's like, teach you and stuff, you gotta a feeling of love for him. He's extremely funny, and trust me, when I left Subang Utama, I miss him. A WHOLE LOT. The thing is, its been three years since I heard from him. And now, I recently find out that, he is suffering from stage 4 cancer. That news shocked the hell out of me. Sumpah Tersentap. I can't imagine, this guy who at the last day of my school in Subang Utama advice me to be somebody, is not fighting for his life. I pray everyday, for him to get better. Mr Ang, I'm a bad student, I should go and see you if I got time. I miss you sir :(

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm Glad :)

I'm glad hari terbuka is oveerrrrr :) But come to think of it, this particular day, I mean this hari terbuka, would be my laaaast hari terbukaaaaaa :( For 11 years, hari terbuka was apart of me! Now its over! Good thing Madam Sabariah back me up just now. If not, hmm, Im dead. Seriously, OKAY! Next topic, MAHARAJA LAWAK IS OVEERRRR. Without maharaja lawak, my life is worthless. Just imagine, last time, friday is the day that we all looking forward to cause of this programme, now, WE'RE DEAD. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Okay, now whaaat did you said!??

Well, today in school, i've got burned! In other word, we had our yearly fire drill. And trust me, its was crap. I mean, imagine a real fire broke out in school, example, at my last in school in Subang Utama, a real fire broke out in the sports utility room, and trust me, no one turned on the fire alarm, and everyone freak out. This is an actual picture of my school at that time..
OKAY IM JOKING! Anywaaay, back to my school fire drill, so at that time, Nadiah, i mean 'THE' nadiah zaidi, said that, my blog is 'too' mushyyy'. Truthfully, I kinda feel the same waaaay, so, in this particular post, i'm gonna do something out of the ordinary, and something I never done before in my life, that is, sing while typing all this done, swear to god im singing right now, and lucky me, you guys ain't gonna hear it. TEEHEE! Okay, if nadiah or maybe nana is reading this right now, you guys probably said something like, 'this is boring'. So in order to satisfy you're will, HERE WE GO.

I think the gay picture on the middle gonna leave a mark on you guys ;) I guess, what I can do now is, wait until monday, because for sure you guys gonna punch me because of this one particular post ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What did you said?

Well, Nana Baker once said, when she looked at my blog, all the can see is words words and more words, so in order to satisfy people like her, i'll give her a lot of pictures to satisfy her wills ;)


Friday, June 10, 2011

A friend in need, is a friend indeed.

In this world, there's nothing is more stronger than the power of friendship. I've heard a lot of times, from people around me saying that, they rather have friends rather girlfriend or boyfriend, in other words, they enjoy more when they with they're friends. I kinda disagree with this one, I mean, there's a fine line between what a friend can give you, and what a girlfriend can give you. With friends, you can always rely on them to cheer you up and always have a good time with them even though things are not that great, because when you're with your buddies, everything is like, more lightnen up and ect. But, when you are with someone you love so deeply, things are very very different. For me, when I saw my girl last time, i've always said to myself, I would rather have her than anything else in this world. When I hold her hand, damn, her warm hand, I just know, that i'm in cloud nine. When you look into her eyes, those mesmerizing eyes, you know, with friends, you can't have that. In conclusion, you gotta have friends and someone particular that you love at the same time, and a balance of both world. Okay? Now, different topic, what do I miss the most in this world? That's easy, someone to love. I miss the feeling, of having someone to miss, someone to look after, and someone that I know, there's nothing in this world, that you want rather than her. I miss the moment when you can look into her eyes, and see one of the most beautiful thing in this world. When you hug someone, trust me, there's a feeling of flying into the clouds! I mean, when you hold her, its like, you know in your heart, this person is the you love, and you'll do anything just to keep it that way :) ahh, I miss all of that. TRUST ME. If I have one, i'll treat her with maximum care just like i've used too. I promise one thing, and one thing only, that is, love :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally :)

Finally, with the help from this people right here :-

                                                      Ronis :)
Khateejah :)

 Adila :)
 amelia :)
hani :)
 aghnia :)
sabiha :) 

i've manage to go out from this house, and enjoy a good movie and have a pleasant evening with them. Even though we've overspend the money on the food section, where we have to pay 147 dollars for a nice meal. It was all worth it. And the part when I was hit countless time and mercifully from egg-nia, was alright! So guys,

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thank you!

I guess, this is it. I'm okay with the fact that you don't approve of me, or in another word I can say is, not returning my love for you. I'm not mad, or sad, cause I never regret loving you, and waited for you all this while. To me, that period when we were closer than ever, was something to remember, because all that, was in the past. I guess it's time for me to move on, and for you to be with the one you want. You wanna why suddenly I felt this? Cause of the song by Bon Jovi, 'thank you for loving me'. That song made me realize, that I can't push, or force you to be mine. But what I can do is, appreciating every last minute when we used to be closed, eventhough we're not as closed as last time, I still thank you, for all you've done V :)
remember this, I'm not mad at you, I know there's nothing more I can do to turn the tides and making you mine, because all the effort is worthless, if you're not meant for me then there's nothing in my will that can change that. But one thing for sure is, babe, you're the best decision i've ever made :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Worth the trouble?

all this while, i've been waiting for this someone, for so long, and I mean too long. It takes for me a whole one year to fall in love with someone. I mean, i'm the kind that you really need to know her damn well before I proceed to the next step. At least I know what she's really like. And when this particular girl, came into mylife, at 1st it was normal, but when that thing hit me, it hit me hard! I mean, when I look into her eyes, damn, that mesmerizing eyes. One word for it is, SHAZAM! That weird feeling, that warm and cuddly feeling. Abang Din once told me, if that someone is meant for you, you can sense something when that someone is with you. And my god, I wanna marry her. HAHA. hmm. I've wait, so long, now I start to think..

is it worth it?


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

smoke puff puff.

okay, as you know, it's been a whole long time since my last post. LAZY AH. Anyway, today, i'll tell you guys about smoking.

As you all know, smoking is normal for me, I mean, i'm a smoker, and what you don't know, I already stop smoking for 3 months now :) And my first rokok, was during my trip to Langkawi when I was 15. In my chalet room was me, izul, hakim and sri, so hakim was a smoker, of course he manage to buy a pack of rokok and smuggle it in with us. There's one time he was smoking in the toilet, of course at that time, I was amazed and wonder, what does tobacco taste like, and so on. So hakim notice that I kept looking at that particular rokok very thoroughly, and he hand it to me, and said, 'try ah, jangan risau, takda apa la'. So without hesitation, I took it, and inhale, and trust me, I was coughing like hell at that time! Anyway, that was my 1st rokok ever! And after that, it was a long long time before I had another rokok, and the 2nd time was with wafiy, we sometimes like to hangout at mcd watching manchester kicking asses! He would oftenly said, 'haziq, takda bahan rangsangan boring ah'. And fyi bahan rangsangan is rokok! So I started smoking heavily after that. 

But of course, I stop smoking after 'the girl with the multiple colour bangle' ask me too, and after I heard what happen to Zul Affkarl brother, it really really change me. So now, I hope my lung is cleeeaaaaaaaaan :)