Friday, March 25, 2011

Big Day Ahead!

Jyeah! Today's the big day. I'm off to malacca for the two days Silat Cekak Hanafi competition. I got about one hour plus before I head to the school, and we'll be going from there. I'm a bit reluctant to go, cause on that particular day, that is tomorrow, is the nikah ceremony of kakak shasha besar! Im gonna miss it. Of course Im sad! You only get married once! But what to do :( Anywaaaaaay, today, at school, when I hold you're hand, I miss the feeling of having a crush on you. And guys, i'm not talking about the girl with the multiple colour bangle. This is the girl that I once had a crush before. Because of this girl, i'm willing to starve at school, to save up 5 dollar a day to buy her a Body Shop Vanilla essence Perfume. Gee, I miss every moment of that, and sometimes, i'm kinda regreting why did I let you go with him. Hmm, let bygone be bygone haziq! Ohh! I forgot to tell you guys one heck of a thing. Now, atok always telling us story, and there's one particular story he oftenly repeating itself. Now, before anything, atok during his teenage life, he live in luxury, why? Because he's a 'anak angkat' of the Negeri Sembilan royalties, and he said the current 'Yang Dipertuan Negeri Sembilan' now, was his playmate during his childhood. Okay, anyway, he once live for a month in a englishman, so during that time, he learn the manner of an englishman, that is the proper way of eating and 'the black tie dinner'. So, he oftenly and repeteadly telling us his experience living with him. And I get a new info from atok recently about that english chap, That english chap, used to fought with the Germans at the desert of north africa! How cool is that!??? :D

Thursday, March 24, 2011


It's already thursday, so tomorrow i'll be going to malacca for the Silat Cekak Hanafi competition! At first I was the 'crook' aka the bad guys for the "Umum Tangan Kosong" department, where a single 'hero' aka the good guy, will be attack by 5 different people simultaneously and without using any kind of weaponry. But, out of the blue, and I mean by after we train super hard for that, I was change into the "Papan Sekeping" department. This is when a single hero, will be fighting in a single straight line, and about 30cm off the ground, and trust me, its super tough to balance you're self. Okay, so saturday is the big day, and honestly, I'm scared the crap out myself. It's tough! And this evening when I had my addmath tuition, I was so tired, I basically almost fall asleep during that class. Falling of that 'papan' is pain all the way, plus that with a person attacking you with a knife and a baton. DAMN RIGHT IT HURTS. BADLY! Okay, different topic shall we? Honestly, I do miss you. But still, i'm TRYING to get over you :(

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I love, how you don't answer my calls. And I love, how you don't have time for me. And I love how you'll never seen who I am. While i'm typing this down, i'm trying to get over you. After how you react to that situation yesterday, I can't help it. I'm annoyed of how immature of you, i'm surprise why did you get all mad of nothing. So, my conclusion is, you found someone new. Who's absolutely better than me, and look even better than me. I told you before, I don't want to be in love with someone who ONLY look me on the outside, I want someone who loves me for who I am. So, conclusion is, you we're just the same with the rest of the girl here. I deluded my thoughts for thinking we could be. You mean everything to me, but I mean nothing to you am I right? 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mood Swing.

Yep, i'm not in a good mood today. I just felt like scolding every person today. Why? Don't bother to know. It's not a good one. I FEEL LIKE A STUPID ASSHOLE. CIBAI.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


well, practicly today, I got a phone call by syafiq at approximately at 0745 hours. Saying, 'haziq! aku dah otw gerak rumah kau'. Yep, syafiq stayed at my house this whole day! Well, not entirely full day. He stayed from morning until evening time. Swear to god, we had a quite hectic day today. When we've run out of idea to do. I pick up my phone, and starts calling everybody! And when they pick up, I gutturally said to them, " LU BILA MAU BAYAR HUTANG GUA? " . And of course that person would like, " ha? WTH haziq? -.- ". And of course, we were busy laughing like hell. Lame? I knooow. But when syafiq around, we're always on "LALA LAND". 
yep, this CRAZY.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The father of good music.

When people said this name, people would be amazed by his work. When people said his name, people would be sad or grief of his absent. Who is this guy? He's the late 'Tan Sri P Ramlee'. There is no one, that can imitate, what ever he had done in the past. I never get bored watching his movie. I even go to the P Ramlee musical back then. And in that musical, they've also stated, how hard his life after the 'Shaw Brothers' sent him to Malaysia. I also watch his biography last time, and believe me, I can feel tears in eye watching that. It's not that i'm a softie or shit. Its just that. I can't believe, this guy have change the perspective on what malay movie directors can do, and still, people always want more, and they oftenly mock him and his work. And when he's gone, then only people appreciate his work. One of his movie I appraise is 'Ibu Mertuaku'. This movie, is one of the most awesomest movie i've watch in my life. Seriously, we would never find another P Ramlee, there's no point of searching :') And as i'm typing this down, i'm watching a P Ramlee movie, that is 'Pendekar Bujang Lapok'.
P Ramlee, thank you :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Push aside everything.

well, push aside everything emo for awhile here. Okay, this week is insanely pack of activity. For you're info, next week I got a silat competition in Malacca Malaysia. So, this week is full of training, as in start at 0800 hours to 1700 hours! And as you guys know, more training, equals to more pain in everyway! 
Still, push aside all the pain, I'm 100 percent sure, that we'll have a once in lifetime experience there in Malacca! :D

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Babe, remember the time? When we first interact with each other? You add me on myspace, and you ask me, if I could remember you? And, honestly don't remember a thing about you. We started communicating after that. Remember the time we promise to meet at tebrau city, and I came 2 hours earlier then the rest just to see you. But of course, girls always be girls, late as always, but I don't mind, just the fact that you're here, is enough for me. After that, you teman me to help em buy the movie ticket, and that was the first time you punch me on the stomach, and baby, that was the spark I needed, to show that I'm falling for you. We bought 'Up in the air' played by George Clooney movie ticket. Then you said, you wanna buy a movie ticket for you're dad and the rest of you're people. Unfortunately the rest of our friend dislike the movie, and we go out from that place, then decided to go to City Square. In CS foodcourt, you teman me again to buy me some lunch, and you ask for something in chinese to that uncle who we're selling Nasi goreng stuff, then that uncle said, 'mau apa?'. We laugh so hard, until you pinch me in the stomach, cause I din't stop laughing awhile after that. Then, you left with you're emo friend and went to a shop people called 'hardrock'. After couples of hour, we meet again, next to "roibo", I call you, telling you where we are, but you dint hear, so I shouted "ROIBO!", until everybody look at me in wonder. Of course, that was my SHIT moment, it was embarrassing for me. When you arrive, we take a picture, and I give you a cheap and weird 'multiple colour bangle', and that name stuck with you.

remember that?

Then, the second time we met, it was my brother wedding, I ask khateejah to teman to pick up you near my house, and of course, when I first look at you, my heart instantly melt. We go to a table, and I ask you. 'makan la lagi, why sikit sangat?' and, you just smile :) After that, I bring you inside the garden on my house, where bonjoza was playing. I order 2 jars of sheshaa, and I manage to persuade you to smoke it. Of course, because this is you're first time, you we're coughing, I was so worried, I don't think twice of getting you some hot tea just to clear you're throat. I still remember when syafiq ask for you're number, it was kinda funny for me, cause he's not that kind that ask for people's number and stuff. So, after awhile, I accompanied you back, and of course, salimah was there. And while i'm typing this right now, i'm fighting with you, you're mad at me. I never had the attention to do so, Im sorry that I've said that, Im sorry that I maybe offended you, cause I would never do anything to offend you, Im sorry, Im sorry, Im sorry. A thousand time sorry. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the 'word'

The word whatever. I don't know about you, but I hate that word. Now, the word whatever is usually used in a conversation, and when someone is giving out their opinion. And when another 'someone' said whatever, its like this 'someone' do NOT respect someone decision or opinion, and act as if they're not listening to advices. And also they un-officially said :

so, my conclusion is, when people give out they're opinion, or maybe giving us advice. Don't ever say 'whatever', okay, maybe some people don't care if that person said whatever, but just imagine that particular person is like me, just imagine that person feeling when that someone is not respecting you're opinion or decision. I'm not saying DON'T USE WHATEVER. Just that, i'm advising you not to do so. OKAY? :)