Monday, January 17, 2011

Indonesia :)

okay guys, 
let me talk about indonesia, and its not about what. It's about who? :)
And let me tell you earlier, its a 'she', not a 'he'. She is one of a kind, she is special, and she is awesome. What's her name? Oh, let just, call her, V :)
It all started in 5th of november 2010, we started chatting, and from chatting we started texting, even though it cost 20cent per sms, its all worth it, and her 1st msg to me was, 'booo :p', how can I remember that? Cause I still simpan that particular msg, cause to me, that single text, meant everything to me ;)
And that text, is the beginning of an super long distance friend yeah! :)
 If only she's single, no biggie, we're closed friends, she's got a freaking boyfriend okay! We're not in love or anything, we're just 'buddies' :)
not to worry, as long as she's happy, I'm happy ;)

                                    that's right, its you ;)

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