Sunday, October 23, 2011

two days of gayness.

Yesterday and today, was probably the most crazy day we had ever encountered so far. It all started when nana and hany came to my house to pick me up in nana's sister black myvi.

This is an actual picture that I took from my view .When I enter the car, I asked them, 'mana korang dpt kereta ni?' nana replied, 'aku drive kereta ni dari rumah aku'. I WENT, 'WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!??'. Hany backed her up, so yea, I trust her. Nana drove a car uh! GILAAA SIAA. hahahahahaha. Okay, so after that, we went to a empty stretch of road near the small lake, and hany was going to teach nana how to driveee. So okay, I was terrified of course, nana's driving was GRAZYY! So went izzul sent shafiq dolah to join us menggila inside that myvi, hany drove the car to get some gas. After that, we roll to nadiah's crib to fetch her. And of course, after that. SAMBUNG THE MADNESS. Nana took the wheel, and at first she was okay, nadiah zaidi, shafiq dolah and I were busy chatting behind, when all of a sudden nana turn the car LIKE GRAZY, we were shouting and screaming of course. All nana can do, is freaking laugh. HAHAHA! Okay, so after that we head to my house, to take the GEN2 out. Nana and nadiah head to nana's crib first. Then later joined by hany, shafiq and me with the orange ride. So sepatutnya study, but they all got hungry, so ramai ramai makan pulaaaak -.- Then, izzul texted me, and asked us to fetch him. So we were all excited to drive. Hany, nadiah and I ride the gen2, while nana and shafiq dolah ride the myvi and follow us from behind. Hany was worried if nana couldn't do the busy road that we're gonna cross later. So, she asked her to just go around the lake and head back, while we fetch izzul. And after that, we head to bestari indah, to fetch wan. When we nearing nana's crib, we saw nana's myvi driving toward us, and when we looked at em, SHAFIQ DOLAH WAS FREAKING DRIVING THAT CAR. Anywaaay, when all of us reach nana's crib, we studied for a while, and masa nak balik. I took the wheel of the gen2 to send nadiah back homeee. I was terrified, since I only had drive once. But of course I was 'gelabah', but it was okaay. When all was done, izzul shafiq and I head to my crib, and stayed overnight. That night, we went to kedai abe for dinner. Pretty much we had such a good time that day, at night all of us were tireeed. But that doesn't stop us from watching the hangover and jackass :D ANYWAAY, izzul slept around 12 maybe, and I slept around 3 something. BUT shafiq, he din't really sleep, cause he was carried away with the internet -,- Okay, so the next morning, I mean afternoon, Izzul was the driver, so we head to restoran sayed near jusco to get us some brunch. 

That's how our nasi lemak ayam look like. It was okay, so when we head back, I decided to take the wheel, and drove to just practice. So izzul gotta head back to his house at 1400 hours kot, but that evening, hany and yus came to my house, and I personally asked yus to freaking teach me how to drive. AND OH GOD, I drove the car around pelangi indah, putri wangsa , putri park and freaking dato' chellam! :D It was grazy, hey guys, I'm gonna stop until here, cause I think i'm going into a fever agaain -.-

Friday, October 21, 2011

Im so tired.

Yes, i'm so fucking tired of your absent. Why can't you just be here? Why must it be so fucking hard? Why can't you? Jeez. I don't like the way it is. As if, we're strangers. You on the other hand, sometimes you act as if you don't know me. All this while. I'm falling for a shadow. I can't think of anything right now. I don't know what to do, my mind is set on you. I wonder should I call you? But I know what you would do. I'm going insane, you know i'd give you everything I got. I'm so tired, i'm feeling so upset :(

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This particular place, have a tiny spots in my heart. And I mean mcd taman pelangi indah, this place has witness so much of my time as an form 5 :) 
this is from just now, and I stole it from nana. Okay, I promise, the next time lepak mcd, I'll take a hefty sum of picture okay? :D

Sunday, October 9, 2011

clap clap claaaap!

well, this is my 100th post, over this couple of months period of me having a blog! It's kinda numb feeling when I realize what has pass over the months. I mean, if you read my blog from the beginning, it'll state soo much of my experience over this year :) Okay, next one, this morning, I woke up at 0800 hours, and I waas freaking worry about my road law exam which is today! THANK GOD I PASS! Cause two of my mates beside me fail! I was turning blue, cause I din't read the book that much. Hey, at least in a couple months time, I CAN DRIVE EH. Okaay, anywaay. Now, I already cool down since my last post of me getting all mad. I guess, you guys, I mean especially nana of course, who keep asking me to proposeeee. NANAAAAAA, kalau aku naak, dah lamaaaaa dah aku buat =.= The thing is, i'm scared of the answeeer. What if its a NO? Surely I'll jump of a bridge or something. Okay no, maybe the tasik will do :P I wish, things would be like before.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


It still kinda an eye opener for me. I mean, in a blink of an eye, im 17, and it almost feel like only yesterday I step my first step at Subang Utama. And my god, tomorrow is my road law exam. TIME FLIES QUICK. I've been searching for the button replay all this while. And i'm still searching :')

Friday, October 7, 2011

Yeah, I pretty owe you guys this one.

well, its not that I don't wanna tell you guys directly. I like to express it in a more, different approach. Here I goo, well to tell you the truth, its not that easy to forgetting you know who, but I din't mention you this, I already forget her, LOOONG AGO. WHEN I WAS SERIOUS ABOUT WANTING YOU. Of course its not easy, cause you don't know a single thing. And if there is SOME ASSHOLE that tell you anything, I guess that person is just trying to spoil everything, cause I want it to be SLOW. And you, I tell you what. I trust you with my life, and you seriously pissing me off. I can't believe you'll do this to me. You know what, your one BIG FUCKING ASSHOLE. I don't even know why I trust you last time. Cause now, YOU'RE JUST A WORTHLESS BIG PIECES OF CIBAI CRAP INSIDE ONE HUMAN BODY YOUUU FUCKING ASSHOLE. Okay, I think I had my moment, I mean a normal 'luahan emosi'. Sorry. Well, i'm currently not in the mood to even say anything. So bye.