Wednesday, November 30, 2011


tomorrow, is my officially last day, of school. And tomorrow, will be my last day, that i'll be wearing my school uniform. What do I feel about it? Pretty sad, of course laaaaaaaa. I mean, 10 years of schooling, end just like that.

 I still remember, the first time I walk into the school. Ahh, the memories :')

Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh my bleep.

Green letters, I've made a letters for each of my mates. And inside of em, there's a letter that is personally written by me for them. And inside each of em, there's an item, which have double meaning in all of em :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I don't know how to define this.

Well yesterday's afternoon, shafiq lah,khateejah,sabiha,amelia,zul affkarl and I, head to BSN to get our UPU number to apply for our college later on. Anyway, from there, we head to tebrau city to just look out for jobs opening here and there. Well for starbucks, they only take 18 and above, but i'll try to slow talk with em later on. And this is the starbucks that i'm trying to work! :-\

 Okay, so I don't know why just now, after I watch how I met your mother, marshall said, 'its time for you to man up'. And from there, I felt like, its time already. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The truth is coming soon.

The truth is coming soon. I mean, the REAL deal. Who and why, and I mean who is the person, and why I want her. Yep, I REALLY REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME. Oh yeah, one more thing, SPM DAH HABIS. Not exactly, my last paper is next week that is seni. Anyway, just now at school, I felt sad leaving school. When its time to head back, I shook my mates hand, and I quickly left from there. And from there, I feel my tears gently flows down as I walk swiftly through the school, cause I know, only time will tell if I'll ever see them again. I know, i'm just a small piece of memory inside of their head. Sooner or later, my mates will definitely erase me from my memory. Why only now i'll tell you the truth? ITS NOW OR NEVER. I'm leaving soon enough, so what more can I wish for?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

That was quick.

Err, I swear to god, as slow as it is i'm falling for her last time. I don't feel that anymore. I swear to god that feeling tarnish that quick! I don't know why. Maybe, there's a message in your eyes that tell me ''perhaps it was just a waste of time''. So, yeah. Cherrio :D

Friday, November 11, 2011

11th of november 2011 :)

People say, that this date, is magical, and it can grant wishes and ect. And some even say, that when the clock strike at 11:11pm, the magic is three times more powerful. Even though I dont believe all this shit, doesn't hurt if I try ain't it? Well, today, was the last day of school. Even though I got stuck at hospital today, I really really want to drop by at school just to see my mates one last time. And when the clock strikes at 11.50am, I prayed to god so that I reach there at the right time. I reach the school at exactly 12.10pm, and I thanked god for that. I ran towards the surau, and my god, there was some of my friends still there, I quickly hug and shook all the guys. I swear to god, my eyes were watery at that exact moment. I thanked god, for all of that. Today, is the last day of my life, that one feeling when you're stepping in into a school, you'll only get that when your entering a school to study. When we're stepping into the school for spm, is entirely different. So that feeling, i'll miss you. FOR SURE :')

Thursday, November 10, 2011

And I say, hey.

She's way out of my league, so I want to delete your number. It's not easy, your not just deleting a number, your deleting a part of your life. It's not easy, trust me. But I did it anyway, and I need some time to clear my heads off. I don't feel too good. This is bullshit, why does every time I follow my instinct about falling in love with a girl, it all lead to this? I don't even wanna know. I gave you everything I got for a little piece of mind. And today, was the last day, was the last day of my life as a school student, cause next week is spm, and after that, I can't call myself a school students, its hard to say goodbye I know. But this is life, I know, there's always a hefty sum of people I wont see anymore in my life. But please oh allah, bless their life with perfection, for I love them deeply very much :')

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In a state of confuse.

You're messing with my mind right now. I don't know if I want you, or not. Oh god, I don't like were this is going.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Counting. 1, 2,3 and bleep.

Oh my god, spm is in just one digit day awaaaay. And when I start counting, one, two, three and bleep! I say. Okay, here I am, typing every single words out from hany's laptop, taking a break after eating me chicken ;) Im seriously in a fucked up period mates. Spm is near, and seriously i've been neglecting my books. Looks like, i am gonna leave you for awhile blog :( Don't worry, i'll be back on the 1st of december :) Ohh, about jerawat. Hell yeah i'll wait ;)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

such a foodtastic day

today, almost all the malay people in this country gain weight, and is sick of seeing dead cow everywhereee. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Few more minutes.

In a few more minutes, thousands of malaysian are celebrating hari raya korban. Its a 2nd raya this year, and usually we barely celebrate anything. Since its just a one day occasion, we kids don't even get money for it :P One thing on mind, hanging out with my mates :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Its a bleep night

Haaaih, I dont get jealous sometimes, I get jealous all the time. That says it all. Trust me, I do get jealous all theee freaking timeeeeeeeeee :(

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Its been, fullstop.

Okay, its been so long since my last post. And trust me, I dint have the time to use this trusty laptop, and update my blog. But I can easily surf my tweeter account and facebook account since it can be easily updated using my phone. ANYWAAY. Its been awhile right, so manyy things had happen over this few days, or I should say this period. I mean, as a student kind of way, i've been focusing on my studies lately, c'mon uh, spm is too near. As i'm typing all this down, a song by awie called dipenjara janji is playing. Old school? I KNOOW, hahaha. Okay, next up, the one thing that almost all the people have been asking me, about the girl that me and my buddies codename 'jerawat'. Shitty? I know! So, about her, the thing is, i've been listening and doing as what this proverb tell me too, 'all good things come to he who waits'. And yeah, i've been waiting for the right moment. Probably after spm, since i'm respecting her time, I mean, since spm is just in one week time. I gotta respect that. And I don't even care if she even rejected me. I've got nothing to lose, I need her to know, how much I want her,  and how hard for me to fell in love with a woman. Plus the fact, that i'm moving, at least if she rejected me, she won't see how bad i'll look afterwards. What? Of course im gonna cryyy! The thing is, when I said I want someone so much, I want her badly. 
I don't care how long i'll take for me to have her. The main problem for me is, I don't even stand a chance. I can see that, as if, we're strangers again. As if I don't even know you. So yea, i'm falling in love with a shadow, AGAIN.