Friday, January 28, 2011


one more week, than the house would be filled with stranger and weirdo's. Haha! No, abang nip punya wedding is like in one week time, and so many relatives are coming, and even stranger, I hope my friends can make it, oh! It's almost like a miracle yesterday! Bonjoza is maybe coming to town! Hell yeah! Its like i'm dreaming, cause only recently I've spoken about it, and it almost like god was listening! :)

Ohh! after chinese new year holiday, teacher azrinda order us to make a presentation! And in my group were syafiq,fikri and saswa! and guess what my group presentation would be like? Just look on the image below, and think!

yep, POLICE SHOOTOUT! Hell yeah we're using guns and grenade, and a shooting scene, and a hostage scene, imagine, just the 4 of us are gonna do all this, god help us all!

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