Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Godiva :D

okay, let me talk about what happen yesterday, abah and mama just got back from the US, so it means I dont have to clean up the house and do laundry anymore, yeay! But, I'll surely miss atok, cause he's been taking fucking good care of me and adik, eventhough he din't cook and stuff, it was fun having him around, and over the week, he told me so many world war two experience with me, and surely, he had seen so many things during his life. Including, the japanese occupation of malaya, and how nice the japanese army were to malays, and how much tension when the communist terrorized malaya, god, he seen so many things in life, 

its awesome having him around! Oh atok, I'm gonna miss you :D Okay, now let's talk about what saswa mention to me, at accounting class today, he said, 'haziq, in life, before you want to be married with somebody, you must have three things with you, that is, a car, a house, and a lot of cash to support somebody'. Trust me, that single sentences, make's me think like a bitch. Let's continue, so abah and mama is back, they bring a whole lot of godiva chocolate which is ridiculously expensive in singapore, and malaysia. Well, let's just say, I ate a whole lot of em' just now ;) Cherrio! 

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