Sunday, January 30, 2011

Counting Days.

sooner or later, I must accept the fact that abangnip are married, he's gonna have his own kids, he's gonna have a family on his own, and without knowing it, he's slowly going apart from this family. Of course I wanna go back in time, when we're used to be so happy, I mean, the 6 of us, when me and my siblings are still small, and running around, having fun with abah and mama. And all the goodnight kisses from abah and mama, when sometimes, abah put on the vcd of us when we we're kids, its preety funny looking back at us, kakak shasha with her 'mic' on her hand and singing a song from 'ziana zain', and abangnip with a fork eating all day long, and me, looking at the camcoder, and keep repeating the word, abah, abah, abah, and all along the recording, I would just stare at him in wonder, what is he doing? It's amazing how fast time has passed since all that happen. If only I could rewind all that, I would appreciate and use my life with full of happiness and enjoy my life again as a kid :')

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