Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well, 2013.

 Well, Its been so long since my last post. Well to be honest, I just don't feel like typing anything lately. Yes, I used to express everything, and I mean everything here. I just realize my last post was last year. And to update what has been going on my life for the past, 10 months. Let me just give you guys the picture.

As you can see, new faces! I already started my college life, no more free boy. I love my new mates, but of course, I miss my hommies much more. Nevertheless, I had so much good times with my friends over here, and trust me, I just hope I can have the same bond with this new people as I had with my school mates, Insyaallah :)  Maybe, with this post, i'll shall continue posting new post on this blog, who knows? ;)