Monday, January 24, 2011

Keep trying.

well, its been awhile since i've spoken about my love life to anyone, come to think of it, i've been so busy this few months, that I never get the chances to meet new people, fall in love, and couple with em. Its not like last time, you easily get gf from myspace and stuff, I mean, I dont want anymore internet lover, I just wanna meet someone, and look her on the eyes, and knew, she's gotta be mine, and I will never stop trying till I get her. Im gonna be honest with you, i've known this one particular girl, and seriously, she was 'it'. I mean, everytime I feel sad, or grief, I just look at her, and the pain is flush away. Everytime, I look into her eyes, my heart just melt like a creamy butter. Oh god, believe me I was in love, I was ready to get to the next level, I was super ready to propose to her, until, one day.. Okay, before that, there are things that is better to be kept as a secret, so Im gonna skip the detail, well, let just say, I found out something, that, if I broke it, Im gonna break the brocode, and as a bro, I will never do that! If you guys really really wanna know the detail, just ask me, privately. So, after that particular incident, I was freaking heartbroken, I mean like super heartbroken. I was disorientated, and I can't think straight, this was the girl of my dream, and just like that, I have to let her go? God, why is this thing so messed up? After a while, I just face the music, and accept the fact that, i'll just have to search for another one just like her, which is impossible. But i have to keep trying, and trying and trying. 
Now, I hope you guys please be mature, and don't ask stupid question to me, and please, if you wanna ask me about this post, just make sure its a hell of a good question.

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