Friday, December 30, 2011

Nevermind that.

Well, I dint get the job at tgv, but nevermind that! :) Opportunities lies everywhere, you just have to keep searching. When the times is right, you'll get the job. But for the time being. I got time to relax, and take a chill pill. 

Abah said, we're going to mustafa today, finally I can buy some things to pampered myself. HEHE :D

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

say that again? woah!

Okay, since i'll be movin' a bit late kan. Most probably i'll be searching for a job in tebrau city, and the thing is, STARBUCKS IS ALREADY FULL! Full of what? Full of shit! I want the freaking job man! Hopefully there still a place for me in bukit indah :) And tomorrow, I got a job interview at TGV cinema. Since I have tons of mate working there, I guess that would be awesome. Insyaallah, if it'll turn out alright, I can have the job :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Okay, why?

Okay, its been a week since my last post, so many things already pass this week. Okay, the girl that we called 'jerawat' is actually nadiah zaidi, at first I thought it was only a crush, but then only I realize, it was more than a crush.

Anyway, enough with her, i've moved on, and already clear things with her, there's a million reason why I want her, one of it is because of her awkward smile. But she'll always be my special one ;) Anyway, last thursday, shafiq lah, izzul, zul affkarl and I lepak together, and we had one in a lifetime experience when izzul drove around the lake. Something, 'supernatural' occur! Well, I love them so much! HAHA! Its been fun! Oh, one more thing, abah said we'll be moving a little bit late, so..


Monday, December 19, 2011

Again, from yesterday.

The story goes like this, that afternoon, we head to hany's aunt wedding in tiram. So after a while there, we head to today's mall, just for the sake of never been there. Anyway, after all that, at approximately 5 something, I head to her house, in the car was afiq, reena, shafiq lah and me. They cheer for me, as I drove the car. The thing is, about her, we've been talking about her since july I guess, and at first it was just a simple crush, but later on, I feel, there's something different about her. I mean, she's the type of girl, that you won't see in your everyday life. There's something about her, that, yet to be discovered. And omg, her awkwardness, is just a major attraction for me. She's not the type of girl, that you easily get her going, but once you attached to it, oh my, its definitely the most wonderful feeling in the world :) Anyway, back to what happen. So, I asked reena to call her, and she asked if we can park the car, away abit from her house. And as I drove the car, the tnb building witness everything. From my rearview mirror, I can see her walking slowly towards the car, I man up myself, to walk out from the car. When she came near me, and asked what's up, I explain, but the thing is, I never told her what I should have.

 Because I already knew, what she's gonna say. I wish I did tell her what is buried deep inside me, I wish I have another chance to confronted you, to tell you what I SHOULD HAVE. I wish I had more time. I WISH THINGS WERE DIFFERENT FOR ME :\

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hm, I confessed. But, I dint tell her what I should have. And the result, maybe I should continue this on tomorrow. I don't feel to well. And here's a picture of what I did after 'that'.

yeah, I was wearing a baju melayu that time. I need a coffee after that. I'll tell you here, what I should have said, but the words, isn't coming out from my mouth. Tomorrow okay?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the dream.

My facebook, is totally fucked up, I don't even wanna talk about it. Oh, last night, I dreamt about going to my last day of school :(

 As I can remember, it all started in the class of 5PA2. I was at my usual sit in that class, I was busy chatting with syafiq and ayie, then we later head to reena and wan's table to have our daily chat. Later on that dream, we head to the canteen, but I stop, and waited for nadiah on that dream, yeah, she was there to. And we walk together with hany and nana. Over at the canteen, on that dream, I ate my usual menu, and enjoyed my moment with them. And the weird thing about that dream, after I had finish eating, I hug each and every one of them, as if I knew, that would be the last time i'll ate with them in the school. As I woke up, I stare at the clock, and start to remember, every little detail about my school life, and how much I miss em :(

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Two days back, that is on tuesday, I head to tebrau city with nana baker, hakim, wan, and era rahman :) We were job hunting, I mean they. I don't have to look here, since i'm moving kan? BUT THE THING IS, when we were lepaking at starbucks, and we saw..

Tada! The Australian army! I even took a goddamn picture with them! Fuck off uh nak malu, its a one in a lifetime experience. Co accidentally they were having their monthly training in PULADA, so they dropped by at jusco just to chill ;)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

what happen among us.

Well, izzul is working for his parents. Shafiq is working at black canyon by tomorrow, and.. uh. I don't wanna talk about it, its fucked up. Im moving, and everybody's is freaking busy :'\

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Love struck, Romeo.

Had three days at ampang hilir, that practically open my mind abit. Rather then staying here without nothing else to do, plus the fact that I got my driving class tomorrow. HAAISH, I HATE YOU STUPID DRIVING INSTRUCTOR. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011