Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The title has nothing to do with my day, its just plain tiring.

  I can't believe what I did today, I mean, in IRDA sort of way. I'm in a massive headache, I can't barely see the screen, since my head is spinning as I'm writing this down. Guys, there's something I wanna talk about, and I never kept any secret from you blog! :P Why am I talking to this blog? I guess, I treat this blog like a living person, and like someone to spill my heart too, even though the content is available for the public to read -_-' There's someone new, and seriously, when we first met, I had no idea you would be so important to me :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kiss me, kiss me a lot :)

 If you guys love classical music like me, then you'll probably recognize this sentences from Andrea Bocelli song, besame mucho :) I actually memorize the song even though its in spanish :) I love him so much, I mean, as if he's got a voice of an angel ;) OH, and another thing, today was tiring, at approximately 0900 hours, we went to the Bukit Aliff muslim cemetery site for the big clean up program held by the local UMNO there, and even though it was tiring, it feels good that we can work together as fellow muslim and malay, this is good way to connect with people :) And after that, we went to the Pelangi Indah Hall for this..

guess who's inside the car. MEEE :) its a crime awareness program, so you know why this car is here ;)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Game Over.

Today, I had the pleasure of studying together with my mates. That is Shafiq Lah, Yusry, Hani, and 'the' Nadiah zaidi. Anyway, we had tons of pleasure just now. It was more to playing then studying. While doing all that, I don't know why, in a blink of an eye, I said to myself, Im fucking over her! :) YES! You know who! WHY? Don't ask me. I guess, all I need is, fun, and I mean FUN. TONS OF IT! Okay, next topic, last wednesday, I've finally watch the last of the Harry Potter trilogy! I din't see the first part, so I was super blur when it came to the 2nd part. But it was alright, since I got Nadiah beside me explaining from A to Z. I can't believe she cried watching that movie, when snape died, yep, she was CRYING. And I was like, what the...., you know the 'what the..' moment right! :D Im super tired right now, at school today, Din had a fight with Mr. Tan! And it was brutal. Syafiq, fikri and I ran from the art room to the discipline room, and we've manage to hold grip of him before he can do anything like hitting that teacher. Truthfully, I was kinda mad with Mr.Tan, cause he knows that Din was mad at him, still he wanna provoke him with words and action. Shish, thank god Mr.Syahir was there to take him away. Damn, I notice something, my post is getting shorter and shorter. Well, what to do, i'm running out of crazy idea :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Abah said, we're most probably, moving. Too, maybe singapore, he already even searched for my law school, and my sis replacement school. Truthfully, I dont wanna leave here. Cause.. Hm.. I don't wanna be apart from my friends, and for god sake, this is home. The one thing I can confirm is, we're moving. Fullstop.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Over the weekend.

Well, this one week, so manyyy things happen at once, for starter, I was scolded like gila babi by Ms Oi Lee Lee at tuesday for not finishing her art folio, and trust me, she was not happy one bit. She even got the pengetua involved during that time, but I dont blame her, I mean, if I finish the job earlier, kan senang. Actually, the day before that, I already try to finish in one day in hany's crib. But sumpah, then only I realized when I saw nana punya folio, that im way way way far from done! But we had some good time there, nadiah was there, and trust me, we had so much fun messing with her. I don't know why, but when she's focus on one thing, then nothing else matter in her world, for example at that time, she was focusing on her twitter, then I called her, I said, 'nadiah.. nadiaah?.. NADIAAAAAAAAH!..NADIAAAAAAAH ZAAAAAAAIDIIIIIIII!! ...allah..HAAAAALLLLFFF MAAAN HAAAALLLFFF STEEEELLLL..., NEVERMIND'. Okay, skip that one! Next week, we planned to watch happy popper! I kinda okay with that, since I never fancy watching harry do magic, its kinda.. KIDDY. You get me? NEVERMIND. Ohh! And also, that same day i kena scold with ms Oi, I went to the 2nd session of my IRDA, and it was mindblowwing. But I had a one in a lifetime experience there when we were treated by the guards, let me talk about it in the next post okay? CHERRIO.

Monday, July 11, 2011

fagots and gay.

okay, the title of this particular post has nothing to do with the content okay :) as im typing this down, nana baker is eating her nuggets sexily, and hany alia is being good mother to us ;) Okay, we're inside hany's house doing our art folio. And trust me, we're going nowhere, eheee. There were supposed to be at least 5 of us, but of course, this is what happen when you made a plan with the fellow ladies, we man gotta eat the pain. Anyway, cherrio ;)

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I don't care what do you guys think, or what you guys got on your mind. But seriously, to anyone who is joining the 9th of July rally,

then seriously, I think you guys have porridge instead of brain. Are they stupid? I think any malaysian that have brains would not be there. C'mon ah, even though i'm only seventeen, but I guess I and a few of malaysian has the thing to think rationally on this case. Jangan jadi bodoh okay? In my opinion, I don't mind the BERSIH people are having this rally, but think outside the box, surely there is gonna be a group of people who is gonna start a chaos and cause violent to occurs later. From a peaceful demonstration, there would be a massacre. If the army open fire like in Bangkok,

I would clap, and laugh looking at these stupid people who join this goddamn rally. Next topic, the american army. You notice something? Everytime there's a war going on this world, there's always these goddamn american army. They love to interrupt and join a different war for sure. In other word, for example, the american army is in Iraq, in Afganistan, Libya, and now is helping the philipine army to fight the chinese communist army, who I salute. See? These americans are gonna do the same mistake like my idol, the nazi army. TOO MANY FRONTS YOU GOTTA COVER. Please, stop the interruption.