Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mr. Ang

There was once a great man, who teaches math in a local school in Subang. This guy, who everyone fears if his silver colour toyota unser drive by, because we love to play basketball near the carpark area without permission, so he'll honk three times indicating he's there! When he teaches, you better do your work and shut the hell up. Cause he will just look straight at your face if you talk in his class. I once scold by him, cause he caught me copying the answer at the back of the text book, which I really did. Mr Ang was the head discipline teacher that time. So everyone was scared of him, but if you really know him, I mean, if he's like, teach you and stuff, you gotta a feeling of love for him. He's extremely funny, and trust me, when I left Subang Utama, I miss him. A WHOLE LOT. The thing is, its been three years since I heard from him. And now, I recently find out that, he is suffering from stage 4 cancer. That news shocked the hell out of me. Sumpah Tersentap. I can't imagine, this guy who at the last day of my school in Subang Utama advice me to be somebody, is not fighting for his life. I pray everyday, for him to get better. Mr Ang, I'm a bad student, I should go and see you if I got time. I miss you sir :(

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