Thursday, June 2, 2011

Worth the trouble?

all this while, i've been waiting for this someone, for so long, and I mean too long. It takes for me a whole one year to fall in love with someone. I mean, i'm the kind that you really need to know her damn well before I proceed to the next step. At least I know what she's really like. And when this particular girl, came into mylife, at 1st it was normal, but when that thing hit me, it hit me hard! I mean, when I look into her eyes, damn, that mesmerizing eyes. One word for it is, SHAZAM! That weird feeling, that warm and cuddly feeling. Abang Din once told me, if that someone is meant for you, you can sense something when that someone is with you. And my god, I wanna marry her. HAHA. hmm. I've wait, so long, now I start to think..

is it worth it?


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