Friday, June 24, 2011

Okay, now whaaat did you said!??

Well, today in school, i've got burned! In other word, we had our yearly fire drill. And trust me, its was crap. I mean, imagine a real fire broke out in school, example, at my last in school in Subang Utama, a real fire broke out in the sports utility room, and trust me, no one turned on the fire alarm, and everyone freak out. This is an actual picture of my school at that time..
OKAY IM JOKING! Anywaaay, back to my school fire drill, so at that time, Nadiah, i mean 'THE' nadiah zaidi, said that, my blog is 'too' mushyyy'. Truthfully, I kinda feel the same waaaay, so, in this particular post, i'm gonna do something out of the ordinary, and something I never done before in my life, that is, sing while typing all this done, swear to god im singing right now, and lucky me, you guys ain't gonna hear it. TEEHEE! Okay, if nadiah or maybe nana is reading this right now, you guys probably said something like, 'this is boring'. So in order to satisfy you're will, HERE WE GO.

I think the gay picture on the middle gonna leave a mark on you guys ;) I guess, what I can do now is, wait until monday, because for sure you guys gonna punch me because of this one particular post ;)

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