Friday, June 10, 2011

A friend in need, is a friend indeed.

In this world, there's nothing is more stronger than the power of friendship. I've heard a lot of times, from people around me saying that, they rather have friends rather girlfriend or boyfriend, in other words, they enjoy more when they with they're friends. I kinda disagree with this one, I mean, there's a fine line between what a friend can give you, and what a girlfriend can give you. With friends, you can always rely on them to cheer you up and always have a good time with them even though things are not that great, because when you're with your buddies, everything is like, more lightnen up and ect. But, when you are with someone you love so deeply, things are very very different. For me, when I saw my girl last time, i've always said to myself, I would rather have her than anything else in this world. When I hold her hand, damn, her warm hand, I just know, that i'm in cloud nine. When you look into her eyes, those mesmerizing eyes, you know, with friends, you can't have that. In conclusion, you gotta have friends and someone particular that you love at the same time, and a balance of both world. Okay? Now, different topic, what do I miss the most in this world? That's easy, someone to love. I miss the feeling, of having someone to miss, someone to look after, and someone that I know, there's nothing in this world, that you want rather than her. I miss the moment when you can look into her eyes, and see one of the most beautiful thing in this world. When you hug someone, trust me, there's a feeling of flying into the clouds! I mean, when you hold her, its like, you know in your heart, this person is the you love, and you'll do anything just to keep it that way :) ahh, I miss all of that. TRUST ME. If I have one, i'll treat her with maximum care just like i've used too. I promise one thing, and one thing only, that is, love :)

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