Wednesday, June 1, 2011

smoke puff puff.

okay, as you know, it's been a whole long time since my last post. LAZY AH. Anyway, today, i'll tell you guys about smoking.

As you all know, smoking is normal for me, I mean, i'm a smoker, and what you don't know, I already stop smoking for 3 months now :) And my first rokok, was during my trip to Langkawi when I was 15. In my chalet room was me, izul, hakim and sri, so hakim was a smoker, of course he manage to buy a pack of rokok and smuggle it in with us. There's one time he was smoking in the toilet, of course at that time, I was amazed and wonder, what does tobacco taste like, and so on. So hakim notice that I kept looking at that particular rokok very thoroughly, and he hand it to me, and said, 'try ah, jangan risau, takda apa la'. So without hesitation, I took it, and inhale, and trust me, I was coughing like hell at that time! Anyway, that was my 1st rokok ever! And after that, it was a long long time before I had another rokok, and the 2nd time was with wafiy, we sometimes like to hangout at mcd watching manchester kicking asses! He would oftenly said, 'haziq, takda bahan rangsangan boring ah'. And fyi bahan rangsangan is rokok! So I started smoking heavily after that. 

But of course, I stop smoking after 'the girl with the multiple colour bangle' ask me too, and after I heard what happen to Zul Affkarl brother, it really really change me. So now, I hope my lung is cleeeaaaaaaaaan :)

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  1. nothing to say, just nak inform if haziq letak shoutmix is much better, senang nak bg ape2 i4mation.. : ) anwy, nice blog n jowm singgah blog leya plak?
    erk? lupe plak.. kalu blh jgn letak youtube kat dlm blog ek? sebab 1st, blog jd berat..(kalu nak letak buleh, tp jgn bwt auto play ok? :-)) 2nd, kalu pengunjung y gne berokben mcm ya ksian la bill tinggi.. hoho~
    selamat b'blogging.. have a nice day!