Saturday, July 2, 2011


I don't care what do you guys think, or what you guys got on your mind. But seriously, to anyone who is joining the 9th of July rally,

then seriously, I think you guys have porridge instead of brain. Are they stupid? I think any malaysian that have brains would not be there. C'mon ah, even though i'm only seventeen, but I guess I and a few of malaysian has the thing to think rationally on this case. Jangan jadi bodoh okay? In my opinion, I don't mind the BERSIH people are having this rally, but think outside the box, surely there is gonna be a group of people who is gonna start a chaos and cause violent to occurs later. From a peaceful demonstration, there would be a massacre. If the army open fire like in Bangkok,

I would clap, and laugh looking at these stupid people who join this goddamn rally. Next topic, the american army. You notice something? Everytime there's a war going on this world, there's always these goddamn american army. They love to interrupt and join a different war for sure. In other word, for example, the american army is in Iraq, in Afganistan, Libya, and now is helping the philipine army to fight the chinese communist army, who I salute. See? These americans are gonna do the same mistake like my idol, the nazi army. TOO MANY FRONTS YOU GOTTA COVER. Please, stop the interruption.

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