Thursday, March 17, 2011


well, practicly today, I got a phone call by syafiq at approximately at 0745 hours. Saying, 'haziq! aku dah otw gerak rumah kau'. Yep, syafiq stayed at my house this whole day! Well, not entirely full day. He stayed from morning until evening time. Swear to god, we had a quite hectic day today. When we've run out of idea to do. I pick up my phone, and starts calling everybody! And when they pick up, I gutturally said to them, " LU BILA MAU BAYAR HUTANG GUA? " . And of course that person would like, " ha? WTH haziq? -.- ". And of course, we were busy laughing like hell. Lame? I knooow. But when syafiq around, we're always on "LALA LAND". 
yep, this CRAZY.

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