Friday, March 25, 2011

Big Day Ahead!

Jyeah! Today's the big day. I'm off to malacca for the two days Silat Cekak Hanafi competition. I got about one hour plus before I head to the school, and we'll be going from there. I'm a bit reluctant to go, cause on that particular day, that is tomorrow, is the nikah ceremony of kakak shasha besar! Im gonna miss it. Of course Im sad! You only get married once! But what to do :( Anywaaaaaay, today, at school, when I hold you're hand, I miss the feeling of having a crush on you. And guys, i'm not talking about the girl with the multiple colour bangle. This is the girl that I once had a crush before. Because of this girl, i'm willing to starve at school, to save up 5 dollar a day to buy her a Body Shop Vanilla essence Perfume. Gee, I miss every moment of that, and sometimes, i'm kinda regreting why did I let you go with him. Hmm, let bygone be bygone haziq! Ohh! I forgot to tell you guys one heck of a thing. Now, atok always telling us story, and there's one particular story he oftenly repeating itself. Now, before anything, atok during his teenage life, he live in luxury, why? Because he's a 'anak angkat' of the Negeri Sembilan royalties, and he said the current 'Yang Dipertuan Negeri Sembilan' now, was his playmate during his childhood. Okay, anyway, he once live for a month in a englishman, so during that time, he learn the manner of an englishman, that is the proper way of eating and 'the black tie dinner'. So, he oftenly and repeteadly telling us his experience living with him. And I get a new info from atok recently about that english chap, That english chap, used to fought with the Germans at the desert of north africa! How cool is that!??? :D

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