Sunday, March 13, 2011


Babe, remember the time? When we first interact with each other? You add me on myspace, and you ask me, if I could remember you? And, honestly don't remember a thing about you. We started communicating after that. Remember the time we promise to meet at tebrau city, and I came 2 hours earlier then the rest just to see you. But of course, girls always be girls, late as always, but I don't mind, just the fact that you're here, is enough for me. After that, you teman me to help em buy the movie ticket, and that was the first time you punch me on the stomach, and baby, that was the spark I needed, to show that I'm falling for you. We bought 'Up in the air' played by George Clooney movie ticket. Then you said, you wanna buy a movie ticket for you're dad and the rest of you're people. Unfortunately the rest of our friend dislike the movie, and we go out from that place, then decided to go to City Square. In CS foodcourt, you teman me again to buy me some lunch, and you ask for something in chinese to that uncle who we're selling Nasi goreng stuff, then that uncle said, 'mau apa?'. We laugh so hard, until you pinch me in the stomach, cause I din't stop laughing awhile after that. Then, you left with you're emo friend and went to a shop people called 'hardrock'. After couples of hour, we meet again, next to "roibo", I call you, telling you where we are, but you dint hear, so I shouted "ROIBO!", until everybody look at me in wonder. Of course, that was my SHIT moment, it was embarrassing for me. When you arrive, we take a picture, and I give you a cheap and weird 'multiple colour bangle', and that name stuck with you.

remember that?

Then, the second time we met, it was my brother wedding, I ask khateejah to teman to pick up you near my house, and of course, when I first look at you, my heart instantly melt. We go to a table, and I ask you. 'makan la lagi, why sikit sangat?' and, you just smile :) After that, I bring you inside the garden on my house, where bonjoza was playing. I order 2 jars of sheshaa, and I manage to persuade you to smoke it. Of course, because this is you're first time, you we're coughing, I was so worried, I don't think twice of getting you some hot tea just to clear you're throat. I still remember when syafiq ask for you're number, it was kinda funny for me, cause he's not that kind that ask for people's number and stuff. So, after awhile, I accompanied you back, and of course, salimah was there. And while i'm typing this right now, i'm fighting with you, you're mad at me. I never had the attention to do so, Im sorry that I've said that, Im sorry that I maybe offended you, cause I would never do anything to offend you, Im sorry, Im sorry, Im sorry. A thousand time sorry. 

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