Thursday, March 24, 2011


It's already thursday, so tomorrow i'll be going to malacca for the Silat Cekak Hanafi competition! At first I was the 'crook' aka the bad guys for the "Umum Tangan Kosong" department, where a single 'hero' aka the good guy, will be attack by 5 different people simultaneously and without using any kind of weaponry. But, out of the blue, and I mean by after we train super hard for that, I was change into the "Papan Sekeping" department. This is when a single hero, will be fighting in a single straight line, and about 30cm off the ground, and trust me, its super tough to balance you're self. Okay, so saturday is the big day, and honestly, I'm scared the crap out myself. It's tough! And this evening when I had my addmath tuition, I was so tired, I basically almost fall asleep during that class. Falling of that 'papan' is pain all the way, plus that with a person attacking you with a knife and a baton. DAMN RIGHT IT HURTS. BADLY! Okay, different topic shall we? Honestly, I do miss you. But still, i'm TRYING to get over you :(

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