Monday, September 26, 2011

should I, should I not?

I don't know, seriously, while i'm typing all this down, i'm skyping with amirahwani, and she's playing the song from hady mirza-ku tetap kan menunggu. And my god, that song, seriously reminding me of her. Dammit, i'm a coward, i'm sorry. I don't mind, but I wish I was brave enough to tell you. That I WANT YOU, the thing is, I already know the answer, and i'm afraid, things will be different next time, how can I face you next time? You'll think of me differently next time. What should I do? I think, I should just tell you how I feel, that will of course get me at ease, but, what will be the impact of this action? Losing you of course. OH GOD, WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? Maybe, nothing? I mean, zul affkarl even said, that I don't stand a chance, maybe, I genuinely don't have a fucking chance. Thank you for the advice zul, maybe now I really can took that cynide pill that i've been holding for some times. Hey, you guys should really listen to that song, and I mean that hady mirza song, the title is at uptop. Check it out, cause i'm doing that, and I mean i'll be waiting, no matter for how long. Oh, I dreamt about you last night, again. 

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