Monday, September 26, 2011

It's time.

this two days have been awesome! Let me talk about yesterday first! I wore my white padini shirt, my black crocodile pants, and my david beckam adidas shoes. I'm dress to kill to celebrate my birthday and adila's birthday at the same time! Abah send me around 1430 hours, well of course nana and shafiq dolah tumpang sekali. We arrived there just in time they all nak start makan! Anyway, after potong kek, and gila gila over there. Syafiq jaafar called a cab since three of us, consist of shafiq lah,syafiq jaafar, and I got not transport to izul's crib! Since yusry's ride is full with nana and hany's siblings. And even better, anip was there, he was driving a proton exora, and my god, eight girls tumpang diaaa seh! Anyway, masa sampai rumah izul, we had so much food intake, since he made a lamb grill, of course all of us went from full, to hungry in approximately 5 second. From izul's crib, we went to alia's crib, but thank god izul was kind enough to tag along, since he can drive, three of the the cabbies tag along with him! Oh, yeah and of course sri went there from his place :) Alia's crib was the last one, and we had a little problem there, were sri and hakim, finally confronted each other to settle some, 'business'. Anyway, after all that we go homeeee. Well, I wish I can tell you more, but since i'm freaking ngantuk, I'll probably sambung this later. CHERRIO.

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