Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i wonder.

What should I say on this post? Er, well my birthday is coming, as in this saturday. What I want? A FREEEAAAAAAAKING NEEEEEEEEEW PHONEEEEEE. Oh and another thing, I know things are so far going nowhere, but you think im gonna give up? HELL NO. C'mon, I waited for the last girl for a year, of course I won't give up on this one so easily right? Okaaaaay, maybe you guys don't trust me on this one, but i'll prove it to you people out there. It's not easy okay, what? You think its like walking at the park? Life isn't a bed of roses, you need to face the music. You know, the girl with the multiple coloure bangle, she was my whole life, now that she's gone, it felt, different. Hm, what would I call this 'new' person eh? How about, JERAWAT? hahahaha! that's the name nana and I came up with. Well, before she was here, of course I feel different because I don't know how to pick up girls anymore since its been so long with the old one. But when she came to me, and when I start falling for her, I became restless. I know there's something different when I JUST CANT STOP THINKING OF HER. Okay, boring ah pula constantly cakap pasal dia, eh, birthday is coming, dah boleh ambik license! HELL YEAH.

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