Thursday, November 3, 2011

Its been, fullstop.

Okay, its been so long since my last post. And trust me, I dint have the time to use this trusty laptop, and update my blog. But I can easily surf my tweeter account and facebook account since it can be easily updated using my phone. ANYWAAY. Its been awhile right, so manyy things had happen over this few days, or I should say this period. I mean, as a student kind of way, i've been focusing on my studies lately, c'mon uh, spm is too near. As i'm typing all this down, a song by awie called dipenjara janji is playing. Old school? I KNOOW, hahaha. Okay, next up, the one thing that almost all the people have been asking me, about the girl that me and my buddies codename 'jerawat'. Shitty? I know! So, about her, the thing is, i've been listening and doing as what this proverb tell me too, 'all good things come to he who waits'. And yeah, i've been waiting for the right moment. Probably after spm, since i'm respecting her time, I mean, since spm is just in one week time. I gotta respect that. And I don't even care if she even rejected me. I've got nothing to lose, I need her to know, how much I want her,  and how hard for me to fell in love with a woman. Plus the fact, that i'm moving, at least if she rejected me, she won't see how bad i'll look afterwards. What? Of course im gonna cryyy! The thing is, when I said I want someone so much, I want her badly. 
I don't care how long i'll take for me to have her. The main problem for me is, I don't even stand a chance. I can see that, as if, we're strangers again. As if I don't even know you. So yea, i'm falling in love with a shadow, AGAIN.

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