Friday, November 11, 2011

11th of november 2011 :)

People say, that this date, is magical, and it can grant wishes and ect. And some even say, that when the clock strike at 11:11pm, the magic is three times more powerful. Even though I dont believe all this shit, doesn't hurt if I try ain't it? Well, today, was the last day of school. Even though I got stuck at hospital today, I really really want to drop by at school just to see my mates one last time. And when the clock strikes at 11.50am, I prayed to god so that I reach there at the right time. I reach the school at exactly 12.10pm, and I thanked god for that. I ran towards the surau, and my god, there was some of my friends still there, I quickly hug and shook all the guys. I swear to god, my eyes were watery at that exact moment. I thanked god, for all of that. Today, is the last day of my life, that one feeling when you're stepping in into a school, you'll only get that when your entering a school to study. When we're stepping into the school for spm, is entirely different. So that feeling, i'll miss you. FOR SURE :')

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