Thursday, November 24, 2011

The truth is coming soon.

The truth is coming soon. I mean, the REAL deal. Who and why, and I mean who is the person, and why I want her. Yep, I REALLY REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME. Oh yeah, one more thing, SPM DAH HABIS. Not exactly, my last paper is next week that is seni. Anyway, just now at school, I felt sad leaving school. When its time to head back, I shook my mates hand, and I quickly left from there. And from there, I feel my tears gently flows down as I walk swiftly through the school, cause I know, only time will tell if I'll ever see them again. I know, i'm just a small piece of memory inside of their head. Sooner or later, my mates will definitely erase me from my memory. Why only now i'll tell you the truth? ITS NOW OR NEVER. I'm leaving soon enough, so what more can I wish for?

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