Friday, July 15, 2011

Over the weekend.

Well, this one week, so manyyy things happen at once, for starter, I was scolded like gila babi by Ms Oi Lee Lee at tuesday for not finishing her art folio, and trust me, she was not happy one bit. She even got the pengetua involved during that time, but I dont blame her, I mean, if I finish the job earlier, kan senang. Actually, the day before that, I already try to finish in one day in hany's crib. But sumpah, then only I realized when I saw nana punya folio, that im way way way far from done! But we had some good time there, nadiah was there, and trust me, we had so much fun messing with her. I don't know why, but when she's focus on one thing, then nothing else matter in her world, for example at that time, she was focusing on her twitter, then I called her, I said, 'nadiah.. nadiaah?.. NADIAAAAAAAAH!..NADIAAAAAAAH ZAAAAAAAIDIIIIIIII!! ...allah..HAAAAALLLLFFF MAAAN HAAAALLLFFF STEEEELLLL..., NEVERMIND'. Okay, skip that one! Next week, we planned to watch happy popper! I kinda okay with that, since I never fancy watching harry do magic, its kinda.. KIDDY. You get me? NEVERMIND. Ohh! And also, that same day i kena scold with ms Oi, I went to the 2nd session of my IRDA, and it was mindblowwing. But I had a one in a lifetime experience there when we were treated by the guards, let me talk about it in the next post okay? CHERRIO.

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