Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kiss me, kiss me a lot :)

 If you guys love classical music like me, then you'll probably recognize this sentences from Andrea Bocelli song, besame mucho :) I actually memorize the song even though its in spanish :) I love him so much, I mean, as if he's got a voice of an angel ;) OH, and another thing, today was tiring, at approximately 0900 hours, we went to the Bukit Aliff muslim cemetery site for the big clean up program held by the local UMNO there, and even though it was tiring, it feels good that we can work together as fellow muslim and malay, this is good way to connect with people :) And after that, we went to the Pelangi Indah Hall for this..

guess who's inside the car. MEEE :) its a crime awareness program, so you know why this car is here ;)

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