Friday, July 22, 2011

Game Over.

Today, I had the pleasure of studying together with my mates. That is Shafiq Lah, Yusry, Hani, and 'the' Nadiah zaidi. Anyway, we had tons of pleasure just now. It was more to playing then studying. While doing all that, I don't know why, in a blink of an eye, I said to myself, Im fucking over her! :) YES! You know who! WHY? Don't ask me. I guess, all I need is, fun, and I mean FUN. TONS OF IT! Okay, next topic, last wednesday, I've finally watch the last of the Harry Potter trilogy! I din't see the first part, so I was super blur when it came to the 2nd part. But it was alright, since I got Nadiah beside me explaining from A to Z. I can't believe she cried watching that movie, when snape died, yep, she was CRYING. And I was like, what the...., you know the 'what the..' moment right! :D Im super tired right now, at school today, Din had a fight with Mr. Tan! And it was brutal. Syafiq, fikri and I ran from the art room to the discipline room, and we've manage to hold grip of him before he can do anything like hitting that teacher. Truthfully, I was kinda mad with Mr.Tan, cause he knows that Din was mad at him, still he wanna provoke him with words and action. Shish, thank god Mr.Syahir was there to take him away. Damn, I notice something, my post is getting shorter and shorter. Well, what to do, i'm running out of crazy idea :)

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