Thursday, February 24, 2011


i'ts been awhile since my last post, seriously, MANY things has happen in this week! Before anything, let me tell you something that happen to mr.tan house and car. To cut it short, his car was attacked by a kongsi gelap student in our school. And, his house was attack too, they threw rubbish and stuff at his house. And today, at school, we we're shocked, almost 360 of the school, was full of graffiti of sign language and sign of unsatisfied-ness towards the principal and stuff. Seriously, and last saturday, a student was attacked by a group of people with a parang! We all wonder, why this event hasn't landed in newspaper and stuff. THE SCHOOL IS NOT SAFE ANYMORE. Can't they see!? We need the help, I wonder, if a malay teacher is attacked by these gangster, would this rise up malay people anger's? Will they call the help of.. you know who? I wonder..

ohh! what you're about to read, was written on 17th of february at 11.50am 

"As i'm writing this right now, buzzing sound came out from teacher wan, babbling about accounting 101, why am I writing this? I'm dead bored, when I look at her, all I can see is a blurry image of barney the dinosaur. On my right side, lies my G2 pen , and to my left lies my history 101 book, the person next to me is fikri, looking straight at his text book, focusing at em' at 101 percent. Infront of me is Kar Onn, 'pretending' to focus on the subject, i've been watching him, he hasn't blink for awhile now, that show's how much he's day dreaming now. When I look around, 5 student is sleeping, cause they can't stand the pressure of accounting. And also from my observation, 80 percent of the student in this class is daydreaming, and as for me, i'm not daydreaming, i'm only BORED! :) ohh, I miss you! *the girl with the multiple colour bangle* "

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