Tuesday, February 8, 2011

happy? maybe.

abangnip's wedding was awesome! I had the job as an usher! It was not as tough as I thought it will be, we just salam the people coming in, and said thank you to the one heading out. Anyway, I think i'm gettin darker! Cause on that particular day, it was freaking hot! Ergh! Anyway, khateejah and sabiha were the early birds, they come like at 5 on the evening, and I abandon my job to teman them, well let just say, some akward moment came after that. And, around 8 or 9 pm, then only the rest of the guys sampai :) trust me, we had an awesome day, we hangout at the garden, and enjoy the shisha and with bonjoza doing their one of a kind performance, yeah, life's good :) Oh! the girl with the multiple colour bangle is also there, and trust me, she was beautiful :)
Okay, let me tell you guys something about today, oh wait, let me tell you something first before that, my cousin nadhirah told me that her friends are transfering to my school by this week, well today, she enter our school, and unexpectedly, she was the new student in my class, well, she's kinda cute :) and awesome at the same time. But, pity her though.
who's awesome? i'm awesome!

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