Thursday, February 3, 2011


 Why colourless? To make it simple, the girl in the multiple colour bangle is back in town, and why colourless? She said she miss me, but the way she act and text, I would say she rather 'annoy' with me. Again I would say this, every single text that she sent to me, is full with hatred, and feeling of despise, and again, HATRED. I know she would denied if she is reading this, but only I and me that could see it, not you, or anyone in the world. I don't know is she hate me that much, am I that bad? Or am I that annoying? If I am, just say so, you don't have to said it infront of me, just give me a hint, that you hate me, and you don't want me to text you or ANYTHING :(
 Hm, okay, sorry, I had my emo moment again, hmm, bismilahirahmannirahim, in the name of Allah the most gracious and the ever merciful, okay, take a deep breath haziq :) Last night I had a dream, and I don't know why, I can remember every bits in that dream. In that dream, I was inside the house, and I don't know why, there's a guy holding a knife infront of us. My buddies were terrified. While he was busy doing that, there was this girl, she was wearing a green like shirt, she was terrified of him, I look her in the eyes, I said to her,"don't worry,He won't harm you, and I won't let him to" she just look at me, and said, she was freezing, without any hesitation, I hug her, and there it was, a warm and wonderful feeling, of comfortness. I said to her, if I kill this guy that is scaring her, would you be mine? She just smiled, and just hold her face into my chest. That was the boost I need to kill him, I took the knife from him, we started fighting, I open my silat moves, and said the syahadat, and quickly I lash him with the knife, he was bleeding, and he run over to that green shirt girl, and suddenly, I heard a scream, I came running to her, and just like that, I woke up. I was like, wtf! One heck of a dream right? 

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