Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cross Country :O

Today is cross country day, it's not that I don't wanna go! I already charged my phone and my pocket camcoder! I'm freaking excited for the event, but last night, I had trouble sleeping! So, I was awake until like 3 something in the morning, when I almost doze off, I would unexpectedly awaken like someone's shaking me up, geddit. *supernatural* I'm not joking! I'm dead serious this time! 
So, after awhile, I can finally sleep :) and of course, It was destined for me to never wake up at 0630 hours to go to the cross country. I wake up like 1000 hours and was like, where is everybody? Why din't anyone wake me up for my cross country!?????? ERGGHHHHH!!!! 
look at this picture, and imagine me. 

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