Saturday, April 2, 2011

Silat Cekak

Silat Cekak Hanafi, the competition was AWESOME!!! We had so much fun over there! We had so much fun, eventhough its a one night stand :) We also had the pleasure of hanging around 'bandar hilir'. And we did something worth remembering, and trust me, it's not a good one. We acted like drunken maniacs! We shouted all the way, we dance at the middle of streets, we even sang outloud in the middle of a crowd of people. Shish, eventhough i'm not proud of that, I still would do that again ;) Well, things happen that night, and I wont talk about it, still give me the crap out of it. Okay, about the competition, we won gold on 'sepasang pisau', this is when a single Hero fought with someone holding a knife, sound simple? It's not! It's the 1st time we join, and we manage to won gold on something, that's a big thing ayyhole :D Shish, i'm still not in the mood, the reason for this is.. hmm.. I feel its not the right time yet to say it outloud. Sorry :(

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