Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Its been awhile since my post right? Well things are quite different nowadays. I don't have the time and mood to post anything, I mean, there's nothing to talk about ah these days. You just imagine, monday to friday, wake up at 0630 hours, go to school, 1305 hours back from school, 1730 hours tuition on mondays tuesday and wednesday. Everyday is like, full of activity. I'm tired of this crap every day. I'm tired being a 17 year old who is taking his O levels this year. I'm tired of the pressure of studying and examing. Why can't we just wake up one day, and just forget the world and continue back sleeping? Truthfully, I hate studying, can we just open our eyes one day, and we'll already married, had a life and a good job? In you're dream haziiiq! Well, as you know, i'm a fat man. So, in life of course there's always people who'll suddenly gives you lecture about eating habit and so on about dieting and exercising. It's not that I don't care, it's just that I love my body. I mean, eventhough you're fat and stuff, doesn't mean you're not human. I am just a normal human being, just imagine I live in the US, i'll be a normal size man there! Why can't this asian people think like the americans? As in be more tolerance and just face the music that asian is heading to world of bigger size body people.

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  1. seriously, only few years 2 suffer.. and then, u can forget bout all those stuff.. and u will start a journey in different lane -- working!
    stdy now, or regret later~ ;)
    i'd been there.. in yr shoes.. and done that..