Friday, April 15, 2011

Everything About Her.

Her eyes,
were as though created for the sole
purpose of representing the true
meaning of beauty and mystery . . .

Her lips,
were as though filled with the
richness and glamour of a movie
star drowning herself in the early 
times of Chicago . . .

Her complexion,
was as though so smooth, one could
feel it without touching, and flushed
with the softness of a fresh rose . . .

Her stature,
was as though a cute sensation, a 
rather small body but enough to
remind you of its sassiness . . .

Her legs,
were as though it owned the awe of
the fine-tuned universe, both firm
and slender at the same time . . .

Her entire seldm
were as though, only physically,
the ultimate object to gravitate 
towards to . . .

Who is she? Guess :)

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