Thursday, April 14, 2011


Its been so long since my last goddamn post. One word for it. FUCKED UP. Wimax is super slow. So I am not in the mood to upload anything, because of the fact that I need to wait 5 minute just to open! That is one goddamn good reason to not wait. Now that I manage to online and wait, i'll start typing on what you've been missing! Okay, my last post was about my little trip to malacca. So, i'm gonna tell you guys abit about the motivational program I went for the last three days, that is from 11th of april until 13th april. And during that three day, was really an eye opener for me! That three day, you really change you perception on things and you're confident level rises unexpectedly high! There I met new people, and new friends, that you bond in just one day! The 2nd session is in July, and I swear to god, ain't nothing stopping me from goin' there! That motivational program is mindblowing! Okay, enough with that, this afternoon, I got a text from someone you know who. And it ruined my day in just like that. Why? Ask me personally on that. I hate the fact that I fall for her 'LAST TIME'.

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