Sunday, October 9, 2011

clap clap claaaap!

well, this is my 100th post, over this couple of months period of me having a blog! It's kinda numb feeling when I realize what has pass over the months. I mean, if you read my blog from the beginning, it'll state soo much of my experience over this year :) Okay, next one, this morning, I woke up at 0800 hours, and I waas freaking worry about my road law exam which is today! THANK GOD I PASS! Cause two of my mates beside me fail! I was turning blue, cause I din't read the book that much. Hey, at least in a couple months time, I CAN DRIVE EH. Okaay, anywaay. Now, I already cool down since my last post of me getting all mad. I guess, you guys, I mean especially nana of course, who keep asking me to proposeeee. NANAAAAAA, kalau aku naak, dah lamaaaaa dah aku buat =.= The thing is, i'm scared of the answeeer. What if its a NO? Surely I'll jump of a bridge or something. Okay no, maybe the tasik will do :P I wish, things would be like before.

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