Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Er, seriously haziq? ONE MONTH?

WHAT? Seriously haziq? One month? For a update? Its not that im busy, just that, im not used to express stuff on this blog anymore, like I used to. I mean, last time I always have something to say, and I have tons and tons of stuff to say to this blog. Well, first of all, a whole lot had happened over the month. We went here and there, and afiq. About afiq, he has always been here and there with us, I mean starting from this year, he's like, our backbone, he's always there. And one thing about him, his family is in kedah, and when its time to move back to kedah. We felt, a certain feeling of lost. Hm, I miss him. SO MUCH :( 

This is my last picture with him, I mean the good one. Sigh, I miss him alot. Well, other than that, over the month, we had tons of fun together, I mean other than taking spm results together, we head to persada together, and this is a picture of it.

After persada, since the car is full with petrol, we drove all the way to kota iskandar, and we even hangout at puteri harbor, and trust me, its freaking beautiful there! And lastly, we head to jusco bukit indah for lunch, and drove back home after that, I was exhausted! Okay, next story, couple of days ago, I had the chance to had lunch with, yep, the 'girl with the multiple colour bangle', that is aghnia atiqa.

dont think differently, I have zero feelings towards her anymore. Well, come to think of it, its about time. That i realize, it is the 'goodbye' period. Where one by one of our friends left us to further study, and achieve their long lost dream of becoming someone. Im not surprised, if this month is like the last time we'll see each other. Im gonna miss what it feels like, hanging out with my school mate and stuff, especially the three person I love most in my life. 

They're my heart and soul, shafiq lah, nana baker, and hany alia :) knowing you guys, seeing you guys, loving you guys, is the best period of my life so far. I cant imagine my life without you guys. I just wish, that we can be bestfriends until the day my life ended. You guys, are my heart and soul, I love you guys so much, may one day, we'll see each other, and be like the ultimate besties again, like today. I love you guys, more than you guys imagine :')

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