Thursday, March 1, 2012

Its been one month! Holy moly.

I've been neglecting you bloggie! Im sorry. Its just, i've been busy outing with my mates, that I have no time, I mean I have no intention on updating anything here. For starters, on what's been happening lately, nana and hakim broke up. Yep, the thing is kan, about nana, she's one my buddies, and trust me, we're like, the SOULMATE OF BUDDIES. And when this occur, things quickly change. We dont even see each other anymore. Hm, I think i'll stop here. Even thinking about it, just making my mind 'serabut'. 

I just dont know what to type about that. Lets talk about something else shall we? Last sunday, me, izul, zul, and shafiq dolah had a roadtrip! And now, to desaru to see syafiq jaafar and ayie! I miss them so much! And the fact that I manage to visit them. Is just, perfect :) And we even head to tanjung balau, that is a beach, yup, we've been planning to head to a beach since like, AGES. So on that sunday, we've done all what we want. And starting from today, that is the 1st of march. The long wait is finally here. SPM results, come to me :)

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