Friday, August 5, 2011


Today, I take a step back, watch all the picture from what i've been through this 8 months of form 5 :) And trust me, its sad, I mean, I can't believe what i've seen along the way. This year, I had the privilege to go to Mallaca for the Wajadiri Silat Tournament.

And couple of months back, we had one awesome BBQ night! Where I had tons of fun, and tiring activity!

Another one thing I had this year is IRDA :) They spent money for younger generation to love Johor, work with the flow and together we can bring johor to its glory day :) 

And this year, well, this is the last year i'm gonna spend my time as a school student. Come to think of it, you can marry and remarry, you can have kids and continue having kids, you can study in university and college multiples of time, but being a school students, is only a once in a lifetime opportunity :) So..
 to anyone who i've seen all this year to make 'this' happen :) I have met the awesomess people along the road, and met even NEW people! I just hope that, insyallah, by all means, we'll see each other again, even if we din't know it! :)

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